Every year 1.2 million abortions occur in our country. That means 1 abortion takes place every 20 seconds. In Nebraska, over 2,100 abortions occur every year. We stand firm on the truth from God’s Word that life is created in His image and every life matters. Abortion not only destroys the sacred gift of life in the womb, it devastates the lives of the women, men, and families who are affected by this critical decision.

Our passionate goal is to be a woman's first choice to call or visit when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. At the Women’s Resource Center, we empower women with education and truth to help them make an informed decision. They are welcomed in a safe, caring environment where we offer hope and support and as a result, many find truth, life…and Christ!


Women in our community are searching the internet every day for abortion services. Our client website, pregnancynorthplatte.com, and online advertising reaches teens and women most vulnerable – or even determined – to get an abortion. When they text or call to schedule appointments with our Center, we provide free pregnancy tests as well as an introduction to their unborn baby on an ultrasound screen.


At the WRC, our staff and trained peer counselors educate and inform every client each time a pregnancy test is administered. During this time with the clients, we are discussing all their options: 1) Abortion Education, including fetal development, abortion procedures, emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical risks, 2) Adoption Education and Referrals, which helps them to consider providing stability and security through considering adoption as a viable option, 3) Parenting Education, which summarizes importance of parental responsibilities, steps and goals for the future to provide stability and security for themselves and their children.

Our medical staff provides free limited ultrasounds that allow a new mother to connect with her unborn baby for the first time. According to national statistics, if a woman finds her way to a local pregnancy center first, an ultrasound will encourage her to make a life-affirming decision 80% of the time. If her first stop is an abortion clinic, she will choose abortion 80% of the time. Our goal and responsibility is to reach her first with the love and truth of Christ so she can choose life for herself and her baby.


Most of the women, couples, and families we serve are in need of on-going emotional, spiritual, physical, and parenting support. We work with clients throughout their pregnancy and after their baby is born. Through our “Learn and Earn” program, moms and couples earn “points” while learning to prepare themselves for parenting and life skill responsibilities. Baby supplies, clothing, and furniture items can be purchased with the “points” they have earned.

We are also here to offer support for the 43% of women who have had at least one abortion. Through the “Her Choice To Heal” Bible study our Post Abortion Healing program offers one-on-one counseling or a post-abortion support group. Women can experience healing and freedom from the heartbreak of a past abortion.


YOU can make a difference to help inspire a culture for life and end abortion in Lincoln County and the surrounding communities. Financial gifts make it possible for us to reach and provide free services for the women, couples, and families in our community who need hope and help. You can also get involved as a volunteer by investing your time and talents.

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Help reach abortion-minded women.